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Harry Arp

Introducing myself

All my life I've been interested in creating visuals. But once I entered the film field as a storyboard artist I got hooked on adding motion and sound to images. I started writing concepts, scripts and visualizations for sponsored movies, became a director and editor and enhanced my graphical skills by delving into 2D and 3D animation software.

With my company Carillon I made the first Dutch Ominmax movie, did the first corporate HDTV in the Netherlands and produced Holland's first corporate 3D movie.We make complete pavillions for World Exhibitions, Madhouses and Dark Rides for theme parks, opening movies for congresses and seminars. 'Curtain-raisers' that very often resemble multi-sensory experiences with multiple screens, multiple sound channels; or even back to the vintage smoke and mirrors.

Large general audience venues such as museums and visitors centres demand unique eye-catching experiences. Which usually means developing new uses for existing media. From talking-heads to Pepper's Ghosts and holographics. Combining robotics with HDTV, projecting images on water, on vapour, interacting with live actors. Combining film with hydraulics in motion theaters.

To me, using audiovisual media is akin to using one more language. A magical language that can convey ideas from one mind to another. It can conjure up emotions, it can teach, motivate and entertain.

There's a list of clients I worked for under the My Work tab. And there's an array of productions and video samples. Not all of them international awards winners, but quite a few are.

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