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Before my time. The KLM Legacy

As it started out as the KLM film department, the first productions of the indepent movie company Carillon were for the Royal Dutch Airlines.

One of the oldest fragments. An ode to the "Silent Workers" behind the scenes of the technical department of the KLM. A silent ode. The sound track is mising, so this is 'au naturel'. Or, what Hollywood in the early days used to call 'MOS': Mit Ohne Sound...
For a Dutch audience the titles explain a lot. Who would have known it's the autopilot that's tested on the 'rocking table'. Not only one of Carillon's first productions, but probably also one of the first Dutch corporate films.

It's the early '60's and the KLM wants to show that the posibility of air travel is now in anybody's grasp. Grandma and grandpa can visit their emigrated children by means of a family savings plan with easy monthly payments. That way even a retired postal clerk can take a propeller plane to Montreal. And just for the record, yes, the seats in economy class are adjustable too, and the cabin crew accepts no tips... ...and no, it's not just a dream.

KLM employees worldwide in a 'human interest' production. We run into some of them in "Meet the People". From Copenhagen to the Côte d'Azur the KLM treats their 'close to a million passengers a year' as VIP's. Royal Dutch Airlines takes you in a flash from Kastrup Airport to Nice, where 'graceful and daring motorized mermaids populate the dazzling blue waters of the Mediterranean'. From the KLM office at the classical Promenade des Anglais it's jut a few steps to the dressing cabins at the beach. It's all in this excerpt from a 1955 Carillon-film.

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