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"Turkish Boarding House"

Turkish Boarding House in the Dutch Open air Museum.

Two stately buildings from the Amsterdam Jordaan district to the Westerstraat house a post office, a Turkish boarding house and a café. In the back there are 18th-century slums.

In the post office (1957) and the café (1974) we created videos and soundscapes commissioned by Perspekt Studios, and in the Turkish boarding house from the 70s we made a full AV experience.

The boarding house is fully furnished and looks inhabited. In the bunk beds lie men who just came back from the night shift. A film on the entire back wall shows what it was like to live in a cramped quarters with so many people, cooking, sleeping, talking, making ​​music and watching television.
Turkish visitors will find that the experience's audio is in Turkish.

For the educational rooms on the upper floors we made video montages about immigration and an animated film about migration, in keeping with the theme of the Westerstraat: Coming and going in the Jordaan.

Here's a video we made of the opening.