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Sunset Theatre

Actors enter and exit the stage while the sun paints a majestic backdrop. Filmed within a time span of 10 minutes on Laguna Beach on Christmas Eve 2013.                       Top of Page

Festina Lente

While hundreds of participants of all ages ran for charity: clean water and sanitation in Nepalese schools, I tested out the slo-mo function of my phone camera. At Soesterberg, a former Netherlands Air Force base.                       Top of Page


"The king may block my way by land or across the ocean, but the sky, surely, is open, and that is how we shall go...." Daedalus to Icarus. (Metamorphoses, Ovid)                       Top of Page


'Flisvos' is Greek for the murmuring sound of the waves. Harry W Arp submerges his camera in the Aegean Sea. Homer (iliad (1:34): βη δ' ακεων παρα θινα πολυφλοισβοιο θαλασσης. - Without a word, he went by the shore of the sounding sea..                       Top of Page

Kung Fu in Greece

Practicing Kata 1 in Olympia, Karavostasi, Oitylo, Zacharo and Kardamyli.                       Top of Page

Wedding in Mani

Documenting the wedding of Dimitra and Michaelis in Oitylo, Mani, Greece. The party in the taverna the night before, the ceremony in front of the old church in Oitylo and the party afterwards in Karavostasi.      Top of Page